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Strategy Alignment Matrix

An Alignment Matrix is a tool that will assist in ensuring cluster strategy aligns with and complements the approaches of other emergency and development plans. It will ensure continuity and relevance while helping to avoid duplication and confusion. As with the Strategy itself, the process of…

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Inter-Sector Checklist

This checklist provides tips for inter-sectoral planning within the Education Cluster Strategy development process. It follows the same step-by-step structure as the Guide to Developing Education Cluster Strategies. For more detailed general guidance on each step, refer to the full Guide in the…

  • Coordination: Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Strategic Planning

Joint Education Needs Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit provides robust guidance for conducting joint needs assessments in the first weeks and months of an emergency. This toolkit is divided into four parts: I) guidance; II) modules; III) tools; and IV) annexes. This toolkit accompanies RJENA

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis


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