Capacity Strengthening and Exchange


  • The Global Education Cluster Capacity Strengthening and Exchange Conceptual Framework uses the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Humanitarian Programme Cycle as the organizing structure to clearly link the training approach and content to the series of actions necessary for effective coordination.
  • The inner two layers of the Framework focus on the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes Education Cluster leadership teams will need when leading the Cluster (CORE 1) and application throughout each stage of the humanitarian programme cycle (CORE 2). CORE 1 and 2 are part of the Core Coordination Training that features two key parts: distance-learning and residential face-to-face component, largely based on the Global Education Cluster's Summary Guide to Developing Education Cluster Strategies, and the accompanying Strategy Package.
  • Advanced/Specific outlines supplementary trainings to further enhance coordination and information management competencies. 

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Trainings and Webinars

2022 Overview

Global and Country CORE 2 Trainings
Coordination Staff and Partners Trained in Core Coordination
Global and Country Advanced/Specific Coordination Trainings
Coordination Staff and Partners Trained in Information Management, Joined-up Coordination and Rapid EIE


"Used to think that his main role was just to produce outputs for the cluster coordinator. Training has helped him better understand the environment around him“

Training participant, CCT March 2023

"Since I completed the training, I have been more intentional and more clear on how to plan and execute my daily, weekly and monthly tasks”

Training participant, CCT March 2023

"The knowledge of the strategy structure, stages of its development and importance of consultations with partners was of great value of developing our Education Cluster Strategy “

Training participant, CCT March 2023

"I have become more confident and can articulate our plans and strategy to other audiences including government and UN agencies“

Training participant, Country CCT May 2023

"One of the best trainings attended. Managed to learn so much and it was practical and hands on"

Training participant, IM August 2023

"Scenario based approaches blended in the trainings is very practical”

Training participant, Joined-up Coordination November 2023

"A very practical and interactive training. My skills and knowledge in EiE and Joined-up Coordination for the evolving emergency situations enhanced"

Training participant, Joined-up Coordination November 2023

"I feel that the approach of the topics was very practical and participatory, which allowed the learning to be constructive without feeling the complexity of the concepts"

Training participant, Rapid EIE December 2023


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