South Sudan Education Cluster Local Leadership Case Study

South Sudan continues to face multiple compounding crises that exacerbate vulnerabilities within the population, especially for children. In this context, continued, quality education is more critical than ever. 

The South Sudan Education Cluster has been responding to these needs through a coordinated approach and by promoting local leadership in cluster coordination. Click here to read the full case study and suggested approach.

In 2022, Manuela Tiyu joined as a Cluster Co-Coordinator in South Sudan at the national level, hosted by the national organisation UNKEA and funded by DANIDA and Education Cannot Wait. Alongside other actors, Manuela spoke to the GEC about the impact of local leadership on service delivery and how this yields more sustainable education outcomes for children and the community. “It’s important to have local partners participate in [...] coordination because this enforces trust within the communities, and also ensures collective action or responsibility by the national actors.” 

The GEC aims to support the continued increase in engagement of national actors in South Sudan and across other contexts and ensure that their views are voiced in decision making.


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