Navigating Global Guidance: Research on the Accessibility and Use of Education in Emergencies and Child Protection Guidance

The Global Education Cluster (GEC) and Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) develop, commission and disseminate technical guidance on various topics to support practitioners around the world. National Education Clusters and Child Protection AoR sub-clusters work with a large number of local and national partner organisations who may find local and global guidance and coordination materials challenging to access, understand and use.

In order to improve accessibility and use of technical guidance for local actors, GEC, CP AoR and Translators without Borders partnership conducted a research to identify practical recommendations that will eradicate barriers related to language and format. The research focused in three different humanitarian contexts: Bangladesh, Mozambique, and DRC.

The findings presented in this report are intended to support organizations commissioning new content, adapting existing content, or considering disseminating content, to ensure it is as accessible and useful as possible to practitioners in emergency contexts.

You can access the full research report here.

A research brief can also be accessed here, which summarizes why accessibility of guidance is critically important in humanitarian contexts, and main barriers and suggestions to overcome barriers.

Though the webinar took place on 22 April, the recording can be accessed below.

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