Whole of Syria

Whole of Syria

The Whole of Syria response represents the totality of the humanitarian education response for children in Syria. It includes the response of education actors based inside the country and education actors who work through a cross-border modality. The response aims to improve access to services, the quality of those services and the systems that support the delivery of education.

Hind Omer

Education Specialist | Whole os Syria Education Co-Coordinator | UNICEF homer@unicef.org

Iren Sargsyan

Whole of Syria Education Co-Coordinator | Save the Children iren.sargsyan@savethechildren.org

Obaid Rehman

Information Managment Specialist | Education & CP Sector | Whole Syria | UNICEF orehman@unicef.org

Education Sector Response 2023

People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance
People Targeted for Education Assistance
Funding Requested (as of Sept 23)
Funding (as of Sept 23 - Source FTS)


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