Launch | New Study on Cash and Voucher Assistance for Education in Emergencies

The Global Education Cluster is pleased and excited to announce the launch of its first publication unpacking the potential of cash and voucher assistance in responding to the education needs of children living in humanitarian emergencies.


While cash and voucher assistance has garnered significant traction within the broader humanitarian community, its use remains limited within education in emergencies response largely due to a lack of clarity and understanding of its applicability within the sector. With this clear knowledge gap in mind, the Global Education Cluster conducted a timely and important study to deepen the limited evidence and highlight its potential within the sector with financial support from DG ECHO and technical assistance from CashCap/NORCAP.

The study, grounded on a comprehensive desk review as well as country case studies documenting lessons and experiences from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq and Somalia, examined three key questions:

  1. When is CVA the best modality to deliver EiE projects, and when is a combination of modalities preferable?
  2. What elements need to be taken into account when calculating the education-related component of Multipurpose Cash Transfers (MPC) intended to meet basic needs?
  3. How are education-related costs calculated to be included in the Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB), depending on the context?

The Synthesis Report and Guidelines on Cash and Voucher Assistance for Education in Emergencies documents current practices being used to achieve education in emergencies outcomes and identify recommendations for education practitioners to more systemically consider cash and voucher assistance across the programme cycle.

Read the Study here



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