Elevating Education in Emergencies: Making Cash Transfer Work Framing Paper

The second instalment in the Elevating Education in Emergencies series takes stock of the work done within the education sector to implement cash transfer programming (CTP) and reflects upon the challenges, successes and opportunities for the future, with a focus on Iraq and Somalia.

  • Coordination: Coordination
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Strategic Planning
  • Technical Areas: Cash Programming

Education Under Attack 2018 - Ukraine Country Profile in GCPEA Report

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a splintered education system, and fighting disrupted children’s access to education near the contact line. Rockets, heavy artillery, and mortars launched by all parties to the conflict damaged or destroyed hundreds of schools on both sides of the contact line. In…

  • Communicaiton: Communication Materials
  • Coordination: Advocacy
  • Emergency: Conflict
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Resource Mobilisation
  • Technical Areas: Attacks on Education, Protection

Education Cluster Assessment Framework Template

Key decisions, deadlines and information needs should be recorded into an assessment framework. The framework is a guiding document for the entire assessment process and helps ensure that data for every question has a specific purpose for being collected (as well as a plan for how to analyze it…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis
  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy
  • Emergency: Conflict, Complex
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Cluster Education Tchad Termes de Référence

In order to provide a coordinated response in accordance with the humanitarian reform and especially the guidelines of the Permanent Inter Agency Committee (IASC), the cluster approach was active in Chad including the education cluster. It aims to ensure a logical and effective preparation and…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Cluster Management, Leadership
  • Emergency: Conflict, Displacement

Cluster Education Republique Centrafricaine Tableau de bord

Ce document présente les réalisations des partenaires du Cluster Education (ONGs nationales et internationales et agences UN et gouvernement). Ils assurent un accès à un environnement d’apprentissage sain et sécurisé aux enfants et jeunes affectés par la crise en République centrafricaine pour une…

  • Coordination: Information Management
  • Emergency: Conflict
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring

Child Outcomes of Cash Transfer Programming

The use of cash transfer programming (CTP) has risen in recent years to become an integral element of poverty reduction and social protection strategies in low- and middle-income countries (LICs and MICs). This systematic review attempts to fill this evidence gap by reviewing a comprehensive list…

  • Coordination: Inter-Sector Coordination
  • Technical Areas: Cash Programming

Cash Transfers Impact on Children's Survival

Table of Studies Included in the Save the Children Review - Child Outcomes of Cash Transfer Programming

  • Coordination: Inter-Sector Coordination
  • Technical Areas: Cash Programming

Strategy Task Team Terms of Reference

This template is designed for you to contextualize and adapt so that it meets the needs of your Strategy process. Do not forget to change the heading above and delete this guidance before you finalize! More guidance on how to establish a Strategy Task Team is in Section 1.1 of the full Guide to…

  • Coordination: Cluster Management, Cluster Strategy
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Strategy Alignment Matrix

An Alignment Matrix is a tool that will assist in ensuring cluster strategy aligns with and complements the approaches of other emergency and development plans. It will ensure continuity and relevance while helping to avoid duplication and confusion. As with the Strategy itself, the process of…

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

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