The Role of the Education Cluster in Monitoring, Reporting and Responding to Attacks on Education - Mapping of Perspectives and Practices

This report aims to capture a range of perspectives on the Education Cluster role at the global and national levels,and to map the current Education Cluster practices in monitoring, reporting and response to attacks on education, including the main challenges and lessons learned.

  • Coordination: Coordination, Information Management
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring
  • Technical Areas: Accountability to Affected Populaiton

Questionnaire Design: How to design a questionnaire for needs assessment in humanitarian emergencies

The questionnaire is a critical tool in humanitarian response and requires time, resources and a detailed understanding of the context, factors which are all in short supply during an emergency. This technical brief aims to support the design of questionnaires for use in humanitarian emergencies by…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis

QGIS Tutorial: How to Join an Excel File to a Shapefile

A useful walkthrough on how to join your data in excel to a Shapefile in QGIS to start creating a map.

  • Capacity Development: Trainings and Resource Materials
  • Coordination: Information Management
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Needs Assessment & Analysis

Myanmar Education in Emergencies Sector Caseload Description

This document provides a step-by-step description and rationale for calculating the total number of people in need of EiE assistance in Myanmar in 2017.

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment, Information Management
  • Emergency: Complex
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis, Strategic Planning

Iraq Education Cluster ActivityInfo Reporting Video

Iraq Education Cluster Monitoring Tool built in ActivityInfo. This is an instructional video for cluster partners on how to report into ActivityInfo.

  • Coordination: Information Management
  • Emergency: Conflict
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring

Inter-Sector Integration Tip Sheet

Clusters/Working Groups should have direct conversations with each of the different sector’Technical Advisors to ensure that activities are planned in an integrated fashion wherever possible. Identify activities that are complementary to each other, discuss them with the team at large during team…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Strategic Planning

Humanitarian Profile Support Guidances

The objective of this guidance is to provide an overview of definitions, methods and good practice on how to derive overall, inter-sectoral humanitarian population figures. These include estimates of the number of people affected by a given emergency as well as in need of, targeted by and reached…

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy, Needs Assessment, Information Management
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Needs Assessment & Analysis, Strategic Planning

Guidance on Working with Governments

How can a Cluster promote partnership with (sub-)national governments?Close coordination and collaboration with government efforts in a humanitarian response is an essential part of the cluster approach. The nature of these links will depend on the emergency context and the willingness, capacity…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Cluster Management, Leadership
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Needs Assessment & Analysis, Operational Peer Review and Evaluation, Resource Mobilisation, Strategic Planning

Guidance Note on Sampling Strategies

Sampling is the process of collecting information from a subset of the entire population; this allows you to collect data from a significantly reduced number of locations and informants, cutting costs and time, while still obtaining needed information. This guidance note focuses on three types of…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment, Information Management
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis

Guidance Note on Data Visualization

A useful guidance document to help you select the best chart to visualise your data.

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment, Information Management
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Needs Assessment & Analysis


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