Yemen Education Cluster Strategy: Partner Consultation Survey

The Partner Consultation Questionnaire the Education Cluster used during the development of their Cluster Strategy.

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy
  • Emergency: Conflict, Complex, Displacement
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Questionnaire Design: How to design a questionnaire for needs assessment in humanitarian emergencies

The questionnaire is a critical tool in humanitarian response and requires time, resources and a detailed understanding of the context, factors which are all in short supply during an emergency. This technical brief aims to support the design of questionnaires for use in humanitarian emergencies by…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis

ACAPS Questionnaire Design Summary

This summary provides an overview of the basic rules to build an effective questionnaire. It is divided into three parts: purpose and principles of questionnaire design, the ten steps of designing a questionnaire and a set of do’s

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis


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