• Technical Areas: COVID-19
  • Emergency: COVID-19
  • Emergency: Complex
  • HPC: Cluster Management
  • Emergency: Complex
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring
  • Emergency: Complex

Bangladesh Education Learning Facilities Interactive Map

Interactive map developed by the Bangladesh Education Sector displaying the location and key information for learning facilities.

  • Coordination: Information Management
  • Emergency: Displacement
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring

Whole of Syria Attacks on Education Infographic

This visual on attacks on education in Syria provides a summary analysis of verified and unverified incidents of attacks on schools, attacks on education personnel, threats of such attacks and the military use of schools, from the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011 until June 2018. This…

  • Coordination: Information Management
  • Emergency: Conflict, Complex
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring
  • Technical Areas: Accountability to Affected Populaiton

Education Cluster Assessment Framework Template

Key decisions, deadlines and information needs should be recorded into an assessment framework. The framework is a guiding document for the entire assessment process and helps ensure that data for every question has a specific purpose for being collected (as well as a plan for how to analyze it…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis

Strategy Task Team Terms of Reference

This template is designed for you to contextualize and adapt so that it meets the needs of your Strategy process. Do not forget to change the heading above and delete this guidance before you finalize! More guidance on how to establish a Strategy Task Team is in Section 1.1 of the full Guide to…

  • Coordination: Cluster Management, Cluster Strategy
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Strategy Alignment Matrix

An Alignment Matrix is a tool that will assist in ensuring cluster strategy aligns with and complements the approaches of other emergency and development plans. It will ensure continuity and relevance while helping to avoid duplication and confusion. As with the Strategy itself, the process of…

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

Stakeholder Survey Response Framework

This template provides suggested questions for surveying and consulting with Cluster partnerson the development of the Cluster Strategy’s Response Framework (i.e. Cluster Objectives, activities, indicators and standards).

  • Coordination: Cluster Strategy
  • HPC: Strategic Planning

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