• Emergency: Displacement
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring
  • Technical Areas: Cash Programming

Schools under Attack in Syria: A monitoring report on the impact of attacks on Syrian schools by the Southern Turkey Education Cluster (Syria response)

Syria is one of the most heavily affected countries by attacks on education.In Syria, schools arebombed, damaged, looted and destroyed on a regular basis, many places of learning are now deserted as children and teachers flee to safety.Since the conflict began, more than 4,200 schoolshave been…

  • Communicaiton: Communication Materials
  • Coordination: Advocacy
  • Emergency: Conflict, Complex
  • HPC: Implementation & Monitoring, Resource Mobilisation
  • Technical Areas: Attacks on Education, Protection

Joint Education Needs Assessment: Rohingya Refugee in Cox’s Bazar

The largest influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh began on August 25th2017. Nearly 1 million now reside in Cox Bazar district. 0ver 500,000 children in the district are in need of EiE assistance.Approximately 375,000 of them are Rohingya And remain almost solely reliant on international and…

  • Coordination: Needs Assessment
  • Emergency: Floods, Displacement
  • HPC: Needs Assessment & Analysis


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