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The Education Cluster Thematic Case Study Series

Shared information, experiences and knowledge are the foundations for guiding decision-making within the Global and country-level Education Clusters. Access to the tacit knowledge held by individuals involved with the work of the Education Cluster as well as representatives from UN agencies, non-…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Knowledge Mangement
  • Emergency: Earthquakes, Floods
  • Technical Areas: INEE Minimum Standards, Protection

Lessons Learned from Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

The purpose of this lessons learned exercise is to highlight the key elements of the Education Cluster coordination and response that worked well, which worked less well and why, and to articulate recommendations for improvement.

  • Coordination: Knowledge Mangement, Inter-Sector Coordination
  • Emergency: Drought, Displacement
  • HPC: Operational Peer Review and Evaluation
  • Technical Areas: Protection

Lessons in Leadership: Save the Children's Experience of Co-leading the Education Cluster

This report contributes to the growing body of evidence that strong partnerships between UN agencies and NGOs improve the coordination of humanitarian response. Save the Children commissioned this report in 2011. It is intended to provide a record of our experiences so far in co-leading the…

  • Coordination: Coordination, Knowledge Mangement, Leadership
  • HPC: Operational Peer Review and Evaluation
  • Technical Areas: Protection

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