Upcoming Capacity Development Opportunities

The Global Education Cluster's Core Coordination Training equips cluster/working group staff with the skills and knowledge to develop comprehensive strategies, thus having better tools and knowledge to strengthen HNOs/HRPs to effectively deliver an evidence-based and harmonized EiE response. As part of the broader training approach developed by the Global Education Cluster, the Core Coordination Training builds on skills and knowledge required for both "coordinator" and "information manager" roles and responsibilities.

The Core Coordination Training consists of two two-parts: Core 1, which is a pre-training, distance-learning exercise; and Core 2, which is a residential face-to-face component, largely based on the Global Education Cluster's Guide to Developing Education Cluster Strategies, and the accompanying Strategy Package, which was developed in collaboration with a range of partners.

2020 Core Coordination Training Schedule*

Global/Regional Core Coordination Trainings 

  • Cyprus (Dates TBC)
  • Abijan (Dates TBC)
  • South East Asia (Location and Dates TBC)

Country Core Coordination Trainings

  • Panama City (Dates TBC)
  • Bahir Dar (Dates TBC)
  • Niamey (Dates TBC)
  • Ouagadougou (Dates TBC)
  • Tunis (Dates TBC)


*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and restrictions undertaken by states to contain its spread, final dates and locations for the 2020 Core Coordination Trainings are pending confirmation. Please check this page for updates on training dates. 


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